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This cover protects anyone who works on their own time and gets paid as a contractor. The first insurance product is for delivery riders using bicycles or e-bikes. Whether you own a bike or rent it, whether you deliver food or parcels, this can cover you for damage or theft of your bike, injuries to you and loss of income while doing your delivery work, and for any injury you might cause to others or their property.

No we’re not! upcover is an insurtech that works with the oldest insurance markets and global leaders in insurance innovation. Products are underwritten by Agile Underwriting Services Pty Ltd and certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s. You can find the Product Disclosure Statement on our website.

The pricing is flexible – that means you will only be charged for the hours you work – nothing more!

This is the only product in Australia that provides tailored cover for any kind of freelance or gig based work. If you are a delivery partner, we are working with market leading insurance partners to create tailored protection and pricing that suits your needs.

The first insurance products will protect delivery riders using bicycles and e-bikes under 50cc. That said, we are working very hard with our insurance partners to launch insurance products that will be tailor made for other work too, including if you use a scooter or car. You can sign up to our waitlist here and be the first to know when we launch!

The first products only cover gig workers that work as a delivery partner using bicycles or e-bikes under 250 watts. We are working hard with our insurance partner, Agile Underwriting Services and certain underwriters at Lloyds to launch a range of products to cover all your gig work in the coming months.

Keep checking this page for updates!

These insurance products will only protect you for the hours you work with your declared platform providers, as well as any other kinds of approved  gig work. If you get injured or incur liabilities outside your declared working hours, you will not be covered.

Accidents can happen anywhere! If your bike is stolen or damaged and you made sure to look after it safely by keeping it in good condition, always secured or locked up, these insurance products can upcover will protect you for the repair or replacement of your bicycle or e-bike.

If you want a flexible, easy to use and simple insurance that provides community benefits and covers you for all your protection needs as a gig worker, join the upcover community!

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