Our mission

Flexible, tailored insurance. Made for you, by people just like you.

Our story

Why are we doing this?

We know that two million Australians are working through platforms like Uber, Ola, UberEATS and Deliveroo. If you are one of them, we know that you sometimes wonder if you’re adequately protected.

We have heard from you that you’re either paying more than you have to for delivery or rideshare insurance – or you can’t get the cover that suits you. We don’t think that’s fair.

We also know you are a mum, a dad, a sister or a brother. And you’ve worked hard to get where you are – in Australia. You want the choice of who you work for, and you want to work flexible hours. So why shouldn’t your insurance be the same?

upcover protects you at work, at home or in between for all your gig work – whether food delivery or rideshare, or even something else.

What’s more? We are building our business from the ground up – we’re hiring you and you’re helping us grow our business. You’re our first customers, and you’re our first employees too.

Pay as you go insurance for food delivery & rideshare. And very soon, for all other kinds of gig work as well. Because, why not?

Founding team

The team behind upcover is built on decades of experience in scaling e-commerce products and developing and delivering insurance and regulatory reform to small businesses in Australia.

Skye Theodorou's headshot

Skye Theodorou

Our rockstar CEO with deep expertise of the insurance industry

Anish Sinha's headshot

Anish Sinha

Our genie COO responsible for operations, technology & finance